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Saveurs du Léon is a family company created in 2004 and located in Brittany, in northern Finistère, near Roscoff. It has now nearly 35 employees.

We are specialized in the production, storage, packaging and commercialization of:

– traditional shallot,

– onions (PDO Roscoff, Brittany rosé, yellow, red, sweet, white)

– banana shallot

– garlic (white, rosé, purple).

We are offering a wide choice of packaging, suited to the customer needs and on the 3 range of products: Conventional, Organic and ZRP.


Since 2019, we are located on a new storage and packaging site with an operational area of ​​6,300 m²: we have a capacity of 6,000 tonnes of storage, including 3,200 in fridge and a packaging capacity of 15,000 tonnes. / year.

Our range of packaged products

échalotes conditionnement saveurs du léon

Our strength: a controlled production chain








Alongside producers: Saveurs du Léon is close to its local producers to guarantee an authentic taste while maintaining the traceability of the product.

The choice of product: the harvests are done with respect to the nature and each product is carefully sorted by hand to maintain a perfect and homogeneous quality.

Certified quality: our Global Gap certifications attest to good compliance with quality standards, which also extend and applicable to all of our producers and suppliers.

Zero breakage: to guarantee a permanent quality of all our products, we have our own storage warehouses                                 

“À la carte” shipping: in order to answer to your specific requests, we can adapt our volumes and packages to your needs

Peace of mind delivery: in order to arrange your orders, we deliver everywhere in France and all our products are available to export.

On your shelves: each product has a packaging adapted to your sales areas

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ZA de Berven / Leur Ar Vean

Phone: 0033(0) 2 98 24 82 91
Fax : 0033(0) 2 98 24 81 56
Email : info@saveursduleon.fr

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